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News Kathmandu:: Kind act of Nepali security guards wins Malaysians over News Kathmandu
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  • Kind act of Nepali security guards wins Malaysians over

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    “Give and you shall receive.”

    That was the message portrayed in a video that went viral across social media today.

    The nearly six-minute video, posted by local production house MaxMan TV, yesterday showcased a social experiment where an actor played the role of a beggar asking for money on the streets of the capital city.

    The unidentified actor is seen roaming the city streets with an empty paper cup and a cardboard sign which said “share if care” begging for money from passers-by.

    Despite members of the public initially ignoring him in the earlier part of the video, several kind individuals eventually help the actor by giving him money.

    The actor playing an apparent beggar then returns the money he was offered with an additional reward, sometimes amounting to RM50, leaving the individuals shocked and surprised.

    Explaining that it was all just a ruse, the actor tells the individuals that the act was part of a social experiment his team was conducting.

    While the experiment saw several locals including a taxi driver step forward to help the actor, the kind act of three Nepali security guards offering financial help to the actor created the most buzz among netizens.

    This after trio refused any reward from the actor after he had revealed himself.

    “Our culture does not allow us to take money from you,” said one of the guards in the video.

    When asked by actor as to why they were willing to help him, despite having little to spare, one of them simply answered: “Because if we help anybody, God will help us.”

    The guards then invited the actor and the camera crew to their living quarters, where they shared their story of the struggles faced by their families and themselves.

    “My family was living near the highway,” said one of the Nepal guards who related his family’s experience during recent earthquake that hit Nepal.

    Amazed by their hardship, the crew offered the security guards RM1,000 for them to share among themselves to ease their burdens.

    “I really didn’t expect them to give me money, they didn’t even have money themselves,” expressed the actor in the video.

    The video uploaded by MaxMan.TV has since received over 23,000 views and shared by over 930 users on Facebook, capturing the hearts of Malaysians.

    One Facebook user, Muhammad Irsyad Syahmi posted; “money cant buy happiness, but can make happiness… thumbs up for this video..”.

    While another Facebook user Rudra Karki commented: “We believe in helping others no matter how much we have ….thanks maxmantv.”